RotoQL NBA Lineup Optimizer Update: News Feed and Player Cards

Posted on November 10, 2016

Dealing with breaking news has long been an industry-wide issue In daily fantasy. We wanted to create an experience that integrates with your lineup building process and updates in real time.


NBA Player Updates and Breaking News Feed on RotoQL’s NBA Lineup Optimizerplayer-card-major_update

Now RotoQL users can track news updates side-by-side with the daily fantasy NBA optimizer. React to breaking news swiftly and efficiently and upload those lineups into DraftKings and FanDuel with lots of time to spare.

Some news has more impact than others, so we also classify our news updates into two categories:

Major: Significant injuries and potential missed time

Update: Questionable status, minutes reports, general team news

Simply toggle between news and optimizer settings to build your DraftKings and FanDuel NBA lineups as lineup lock approaches. News feed updates in real time so you won’t miss any relevant information.

We continue to add new improvements to RotoQL based on your requests. We have made significant updates to our NBA product that will help you build lineups more efficiently.


Perform Daily Fantasy Basketball Research with RotoQL Player Cards


Research individual players in-depth with matchup visuals, player news, and team news updates

  • Player Stats Added: Projected minutes, player touches, dud rate, and much more!
  • Team News Portal: If you’re interested in how the Celtics rotation is shaking out, see all Boston updates in one place
  • Situational Player Performance: Want to see how Blake Griffin performs as an underdog in Portland on the road? Filter the criteria you’re looking for within his player card.
  • Expected vs. Actual Fantasy Points: See how players perform relative to salary and expectation in different situations

Check it all out at RotoQL’s FanDuel and DraftKings NBA lineup optimizer:

Make sure to email about what else you’d like to be added. Wishing you all the best of luck!