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We make your daily fantasy basketball research more efficient through Insights, Querying Technology, and Injury Tracking.

  • NBA Stats
    Query our large database of stats to find best values
    NBA Stats
    Fantasy points per game Recent minutes FGs per game 3 point rate Recent production Fantasy ceiling Consistency rating Back to back games Fantasy points per minute
    Vegas & Advanced Stats
    Defense vs position Player usage Team pace Player pace Recent shooting volume Spread Vegas projected points Offensive efficiency Over / under
  • NBA Strategies

    Create daily fantasy basketball lineups using common DFS strategies.


    Want to stack players from the same team? Create custom NBA team stacks in seconds.


    Our volatility slider generates lineups with higher upside for DraftKings and FanDuel tournaments.


    Identify stable NBA performers for optimal cash lineups.

  • Gameday Updates

    We deliver crucial NBA player news right up to game time.


    We keep track of NBA injuries so you don’t have to. Rest assured.


    We update NBA starting lineups automatically as they are confirmed.


    As NBA news breaks we update our daily fantasy basketball projections accordingly.


RotoQL’s NBA Projections

Our NBA optimizer projections were built, backtested and continually refined by our team of world-class data scientists and technologists. Our projections are built from the ground up, meaning we project each stat for each player, taking into account past performance, news, match-ups and more. If you are also betting on basketball make sure to check out BetQL the home of picks where you can find NBA picks against the spread, over under picks,  and computer picks.  You can even find the most updated NBA point spreads for every game in the regular season and the playoffs.

If you are looking for college basketball betting data check out their college basketball picks, over under picks, and even moneyline picks for tonight

Lineup Optimizer

We offer the world's fastest and most reliable lineup optimizer. Create one to 500 optimal lineups with just one click.

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Games Page

We provide a bird's-eye view of all the games in a given slate, confirmed starters, weather data and more.

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Quick Pick

Seamlessly find cash and tournament plays by filtering players by salary, value and many more key stats.

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Player Research

For data lovers, we provide historical data across dozens of keys stats so you can easily dig into the numbers.

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We provide all the different stack combinations and the tools to quickly identify the best ones.

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Export Lineups

Save lineups and export them in CSV files that are compatible with DraftKing and FanDuel's import tool.

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News Feed

Stay up to date on player news, injuries and more. Available for iPhone and Android.

Trending Players

Find cash and tournament plays by thumbing through trending players ranked by "fire" status, salary, projected fantasy points and more.

Games Page

We provide a bird's-eye view of all the games being played in a given slate with over/under information.

Player Matchups

Lock in players with favorable matchups and avoid those facing tough opponents.

Lineup Builder

Seamlessly build an optimal lineup directly from your Apple or Android phone.

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